Busy times

16 03 2008

I haven’t blogged here for a month and a half now, so it’s time to catch up. Nothing better to kill a readership (even if that means 2 or 3 people) than abandoning your own blog for such a long time. I’ve been traveling for most of my time since January, and decided that it’s better to “write less, blog more”, but have not been very successful following my own mantra so far. This is the first of these short posts, and I’ll be writing quite a few of them in the next little while, covering some of the things I’ve been doing and thinking over the last month and a half. Stay tuned, both of you reading this blog.




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31 03 2008

Aaron, have you been traveling on business or personal? I’m itching to go on some business trips myself, but there is none in this job. So I’m doing the traveling on my own. I’m going to Montreal in April and Vancouver in June.

2 04 2008

Hey Li, most of these trips are on business. I’m actually tired of traveling and could use some quiet time in Toronto. Montreal and Vancouver are great to go, especially in your case since you know all the good restaurants to try. I crave for the Izakaya restaurants in Vancouver, like Guu with Garlic, not sure if you tried them.

8 04 2008

I remember giving you 3 izakaya names before, do you still have them? If I can, I definitely want to try them. Thanks for the reminder, I had my mind full of the rotating sushi and ramen places, almost forgot about izakaya. I love reading your blog, it’s very funny. Brightens my day every time.

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