My first Bamboo Fun Sketch

10 07 2008

There you go. It was supposed to be a woman’s face, but ended up more like Mowgli, from The Jungle Book. This one is pretty much useless, but this may be useful to capture impromptu diagrams quickly.




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10 07 2008

First the Bamboo Blog and now Bamboo sketch pad, I wonder what’s next 🙂

11 07 2008

I don’t know. Bamboo art, maybe? 🙂

11 07 2008

Ok, there is art in ibm people!
But seeing your sketch I suspect that it is not your first time,
it is very good and does look like a woman.
So yes, what’s next?

11 07 2008

Bon jour Bénédicte,

Thanks for the words of incentive. It’s my first time using a digital device, but I used to draw all the time as a teenager, mostly comic book characters. I think I gave up when I met a person who was exceptionally good, making me realize that I didn’t have much of a future there.

In my adult life drawing was forgotten, and I feel bad about that. The drawing in this post was actually my second digital sketch: the first thing I draw once I took the sketch pad out of the box was plain stickmen and circles, just to get my brain wired to the parallel drawing.

I’m experimenting with it further, and I realized that it’s actually a new drawing tool, not a substitute for existing ones. It’s definitely not the same as drawing on paper, but it’s not necessarily worse, it’s just different, and requires a different technique. I feel that’s closer to charcoal than pencil: the lack of precision helps you to focus more on the big patterns rather than fine details.

I also would like to experiment more with abstract concepts, things that don’t resemble real people or objects or nature. And also do nerd stuff: diagrams, charts, IT architecture, etc. And will be looking at your blog for ideas too 🙂

11 07 2008

a good program!
I agree, digital art is different than traditional art, a new tool for artist ( and like with any medium, so much to learn).
I am amazed at what’s on the web and I know that I am not at all in the same ballgame.
So many possibilities, and when you start using layers and all the fun things like duplicating, reversing images, all the effects (and these are just the things I remember!)…it is endless.
Have fun!

23 09 2008
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