Interactive video and viral marketing

16 07 2008

Most Brazilians have already seen this site, but chances are that this was not widely known in North America. It’s a typical Brazilian beer ad, probably a bit too racy for some audiences, but it’s worth it a view for the novelty of it. I won’t say much more to not spoil it.

Here are the instructions if you still want to see it:

  • Here’s a rough translation of the screen:
Invite a friend you want to tease to visit the Bar da Boa.
Here you can send a very special and personalized invite to a friend.
Juliana (Paes, a popular Brazilian actress) would say so!

For that, fill out the form below:

Your name:
(Maximum of 15 characters)

Your friend’s name:
(Maximum of 15 characters)

Your email:

Your friend’s email:

  • Fill out the first box with your name
  • Fill out the second box with your friend’s name
  • You may leave the other two text boxes empty
  • Click on “Visualizar”

In case you are curious, this is a free translation of the video:

“Hi, I had a tatoo done, you wanna see? Here it is.

Aw, poor guy, don’t be sad. There’s another one with your name, wanna see?

Hey Big Paul, come on here!”




4 responses

16 07 2008
David Faller

Hilarious! Really great stuff, Aaron 🙂

18 07 2008

For once I can forward something funny, thank you for the link.
But no sketch, no drawing? So many good subjects, though, beer bottle, tattoo, girl…
very interesting post on creative common too.
Free circulation and sharing of ideas, should be the future and not a dream.

22 07 2008

Thanks David and Bénédicte,

I was not certain about posting this one, as I thought it could be a bit borderline in some cultures.

My sketches are still very poor, I’m too self-conscious about them now. Maybe I should get myself a second blog or Flickr account with another name just to post drawings.

23 12 2008
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[…] content. You can find a rough translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English for the full video here. 4. viral […]

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