Blog, Interrupted

6 12 2009

A few weeks ago, in a phone conversation with Marcelo Martins, he jokingly commented on the poor abandoned state of this blog: “the ‘Bamboo raft’ has drifted away, and is now in the middle of nowhere” 🙂 . Indeed.

Photo by Flickr user elieme, Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic

But this silence was not due to the lack of inspiration: it was a mix of being busy, adjusting to a new work routine, and plain laziness, of course.  A year after blogging was proclaimed passé by Paul Botin, I still feel the urge to blog several times a day, even knowing that there’s a good chance that nobody is listening (or reading it). I blog, therefore I am sounds right to my ears, even in a Twitter world.

Following the lead of Bénédicte Delachanal, who’s been good in her one blog post every day quest this December, I decided to steer this raft back to the civilization (or to a handful of readers, more precisely). And seeing a new post by Jennifer Okimoto in my reader today after months of absence was just the extra push I needed 🙂 .

As the delusional Buzz Lightyear would say: To infinity, and beyond! (crossing fingers here hoping that all this euphoria will take me at least till the next blog post).




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6 12 2009

Very nice to see the Bamboo raft on the horizon, coming back,
I will be reading.

6 12 2009

I learned four things from your new blog:

1) that Jennifer has a new post
2) that Bénédicte has a new project
3) that you can make snow fall on your blog on WordPress!
4) that if you move your mouse around, the snow follows it! 🙂

See, this is why it is important to blog.

7 12 2009

Bernie, Bene, I think you two are my only readers. Good to see you here 🙂

10 12 2009
Archimedes Trajano

Hi Aaron,

There’s me as well, though I usually don’t comment 🙂

Although I don’t think blogs are passe as they are still a good source of information. Getting people to start reading your blog would cause a bit of “friction” (for lack of a better term).

Multiple blogs/feeds are a better way of doing things for us who do not do daily blog updates.

I am still in the midst of redoing my “site”, I am no longer calling it a blog anymore per se.

Putting on my computer “scientist” hat on, I am going by the hypothesis that instead of having a centralized “me” feed (i.e. blog), it may be better to have multiple feed sources (twitter, urbanspoon, facebook, google shared items, flixster, stumble upon reviews).

I find I tend to provide content when there is as little friction as possible. Blogging does provide little friction for me. However, there is a lot of friction getting others to go on the blog.

Having multiple places to add content is not too bad as long as the services provide the necessary tools. That way it does not impede content providers.

All we need now is a site that pulls all that information in to provide a sort of identity. would be something like that and actually I am planning to build my new site as such but with a bit more customization to fit my artistic side (both in coding and Photoshopping).

To show what I would mean, I posted what I would think about this on my stumbleupon reviews. 🙂

10 12 2009

I didn’t know you had an artist in you! Looking forward to see that. I tried tumblr, posterous, friendfeed and others, but keep coming back to the basics.

9 01 2010
Jen Okimoto

Hey Aaron – I had no Idea that I was an extra push for you. Now you’re providing me with a push back! Just as long as we don’t start shoving…I like these pushes! Happy New Year! Jen

23 01 2010

Jen, a belated Happy New Year to you! This blog has been abandoned as the first 3 weeks of 2010 have been all work and little fun! Keep pushing me 🙂

18 12 2010
Vestiges of Life: Blogging and Tweeting « The bamboo raft

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