Drawing with SketchBook Mobile on the iPhone

29 12 2009

For a limited time, Autodesk SketchBook Mobile is on sale for $1.99. I just bought it, and I’m really impressed on how easy it is to draw with SBM on the small iPhone screen. This is my second drawing (the first one was horrible, so I promptly deleted it). Of course, I’m cheating a bit here: I took a picture of a magazine ad and draw over it using the layer feature. But for a 10-minute, it’s not too bad: it took me longer to type this on the phone than the whole sketching process.

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30 12 2009

Yeeeeee! An other iPnone artist.
The only cheating, to me, is signing a drawing of someone else…

30 12 2009

Thanks Béné. Are your drawings from the December series done in the iPhone? I remember you buying an app a few months ago (Brushes, I think). I still miss a stylus, as drawing with a finger feels like painting with my hands instead of a brush.

31 12 2009

I did them on an iPod touch, with Brushes and a stylus. I find it hard to draw with fingers mainly because of the size of the screen, so small.
I think that with a iPhone you get a higher resolution image, your drawing is enlarged and the line are still perfect.

31 12 2009

What Stylus did you get? I’m trying to buy one, but I couldn’t find any store in Toronto carrying them, I’ll probably have to buy from eBay. I also find hard drawing with my fingers. In SketchBook Mobile you can zoom in while drawing, this way you get much more precise, even using your fingers.

Happy New Year to you!

31 12 2009

I bought mine in an Apple store, I did not want to use anything that would have scratch the screen. I think it was called a pogo stick.
In Brushes too you can zoom in, very practical. I have also SketchBook Mobile but use more Brushes, the settings are easier for me to use.

Feliz ano nuovo

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