The orange bucket at Ikea

2 01 2010

If I could, I’ll do drawing or music for a living. There’s a huge mismatch between the things I love doing and things people would pay me for doing. As a matter of fact, in the case of music, I can easily find people who would pay me for not doing it 🙂

Latest iPhone drawing based on one of my fave L’s pictures:

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6 01 2010

I can relate, especially the music bit. My piano playing is shall we say, not so good!

23 01 2010

Dave, I realized I had hit the bottom the day my 3-year-old son closed the door of the bedroom saying “too much noise”!

9 01 2010
Jen Okimoto

So, if I could do a thumbs up on your picture and your blogging I would!

23 01 2010

Thanks Jen. One day I’ll host my own WordPress blog so that I can add all the nice bells and whistles. But that’s like hoping to win the lottery without playing, as I’m blogging so rarely these days 😦

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