Best Buy Flyer is my muse (No, that’s not a papaya in his hands)

10 01 2010
First work week in January was super-busy, it felt like 3 weeks in 1. My MacBook also started acting up, freezing every couple of hours, preventing me from backing up my disk. I moved all the important files to my cheap HP Pavillion, repaired the MB hard drive and I’m hopefully back to normal now.

End result is that I did not have much time for anything other than keeping my nose above water level. Got a Pogo Style for my iPhone (thanks Béné for the tip) and only had a chance to play with it today.

This is my first drawing using the stylus: no photo overlay, just observation of a photo on a Best Buy flyer. I don’t understand why nobody can come up with an iPhone stylus with a pencil-like tip. The Pogo is better than using my fingers, but I still feel like I’m drawing with a fossilized cigarrette butt.

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