This blog is born without a specific theme in mind, but it’s likely to visit a number of topics I’m interested at, such as technology, soccer, photography, history, basketball, Brazil, Canada, biology, travel, food, human migration and innovation.

I struggled to find a name for it. For now, I’m sticking with “The bamboo raft” (“A jangada de bambu”, in Portuguese). Justifying a blog name feels like trying to explain a joke, but in this case the metaphor may not be obvious.

Native species of bamboos can be found in several parts of the world, including East Asia and South America. You know, being born and raised in Brazil, of Korean and Japanese descent, with an undergrad in Biology, a big Palmeiras supporter, somehow I found bamboos to be as good a fit as anything else.

I confess that “raft” was just added to make it easier to get the domain later 🙂 , but it also conveys the idea of floating around freely through places and thoughts.


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7 01 2008

i like your blog name. 2 words that draw you in, preceded by ‘The’ – very cool 😉

i am looking forward to reading more about Brazil and Canada and whatever else!

7 01 2008

Thanks man. Mobthink was taken, so I settled for Bamboo Raft 🙂 . I’m just waiting whoever owns the domain (without the “The”) to give up on it.

19 05 2009
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18 12 2010
21 03 2011

Hi Aaron, is there an email to reach you? I was wondering if you could give some pointers on getting a decent (albeit watered down) Brazilian to English accent. Like when pronouncing certain vowels or consonants and their equivilant sounds if being spoken in English by someone from Brazil.

21 03 2011

Hi Cathy, I tried to reply to the email you used in the comment (@live.com), but I’m getting a delivery error message. Can you please post another comment with the email you use? Thanks!

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