10 Things I love about London

14 01 2008

This list keeps changing but this is what I have right now, not in any particular order:

  • “Look right” and “Look left” signs. Big life savers.
  • Traveling around the city in the double decker buses.
  • The long escalators in the tube stations.
  • Walking by the Thames on the South Bank pedestrian path.
  • The footy atmosphere on Saturday afternoons.
  • Mild winter temperatures (at least compared to Toronto).
  • Indian food.
  • Wagamama everywhere.
  • “Brilliant”, “Lovely” and “Bloody” used in casual comments all the time.
  • The cosmopolitan feel of it. Nobody seems to be a foreigner here.

London and rain

13 01 2008

I’m in London this week for a work-related event. This is my third time in the city, totaling 22 days so far, and I’m pretty sure I had rain in every single one of them. Not that it rained all the time. I can’t complain much, as I had my fair portion of no-rain too, especially this weekend.

The first 2 days here I actually spent in a hotel close to the Heathrow airport, so it was all work, no fun. This was the view from my Hotel window:

Heathrow from Rennaissance Hotel

On Friday I moved to a hotel in Central London (great tip from a fellow IBMer, Steve Cogan, I owe him a beer now 🙂 ), and tried to do 3 things I was not able to in my previous two visits:

  1. Watch a Chelsea game
  2. Go to Stonehenge
  3. Take a ride at the London Eye

I managed to do #1 and #2, but the London Eye is closed for maintenance until January 21. Hopefully next time I’ll have a better luck.

I have a huge backlog of things I’d like to blog about, including the football game and the trip to Stonehenge. For now, I’m just posting some pictures here. For the complete set, visit my Flickr page or my photos at Facebook.

London Eye
The London Eye
London - Big Ben
 The Big Ben
London Eye and Parliament

The Big Ben and the London Eye
London - Underground (Waterloo)
Escalators at the Waterloo Underground Station
London - Trafalgar Square
 Trafalgar Square
London - Chelsea vs Tottenham
Chelsea’s Stadium

London - Chelsea vs Tottenham
Celebrations after Beletti scored Chelsea’s first goal
 Salisbury Cathedral