La Boquería: Barcelona’s Cool Market

21 01 2008

I did not have much time for sightseeing this time around in Barcelona. In my last day there, I followed the suggestion of a fellow IBMer and visited La Boquería, also known as Mercat St Josep. I couldn’t sleep past 5:30 am anyway, so I just had breakfast in the Calderón Hotel and left for the market.

This market is a great place to visit, especially in the early morning hours, while merchants are still getting ready for the day. Like many other markets in large centres, visiting La Boquería is a very sensorial experience. Unlike the ones I have been to before, the one in Barcelona has a large variety of fresh seafood, some of which I had never seen before. When I say fresh, I mean REALLY fresh: some of them were still moving.

Hopefully, next time I go to a tapas bar, I’ll know the difference between chipirones and calamares. And when I see barnacles on the beach from now on, I’ll check if they are the expensive – and weird – variety seen in the two pictures at the bottom of this post.





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21 01 2008

Great pictures Aaron. I added your blog to my blog links, yes, you can add mine too. Love your pictures, you have a geometric eye. Looking at your album is like going on a trip myself. You are on a long business trip?

21 01 2008

Just added yours. I was on a 10-day business trip to London and Barcelona, for 2 client events. I’m back now, and hopefully I’ll stay put for a while now. Home sweet home 🙂

23 01 2008

Aaron, aaron,

I had your page up on my screen, then I dragged the browser scroll button down slightly faster than normal. Woh, I was seeing optical illusions!!!

The apples and walnuts were flashing, but it’s the tomatoes, they look like they were rotating, spinning. This illusion doesn’t work as well on this comment page, but more pronounced on the main page.

btw, email is mandatory to leave a comment for you now, it wasn’t mandatory before.

25 01 2008
Victor P.

adding your blog to my netvibes RSS viewer and my
Greetings 🙂
Somedays ago i just was walking by the Ramblas i entered to that Huge elegant market, i didn’t know that was a historical monument. =0)

25 01 2008

Li: LOL! You write exactly like you speak. Thanks for the good laugh.

I’m not sure why email is mandatory now. I have not changed the settings lately.

Victor, good to see you here. I added your blog to my blogroll and my feed reader.

29 01 2008
On innovation, barnacles and Darwin « The bamboo raft

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7 02 2008

Aaron, nessa página, vc vai ver o Gaudi bradileiro.
Achei o máximo seu blog, só falta uma receitinha culinária pra dar mais vontade!

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